What is an Open Door Policy And How Does it Help?

Published on 28/04/2021

Far too many managers lock themselves away in their offices and keep their door closed. 

What does this show to their employees? It shows that they’re unapproachable, that they shouldn’t be disturbed and, in some ways, that they’re superior. 

This does nothing for morale!

It’s a far better option to have an open door policy, but what does this actually mean and do you need to have your door open all of the time?

What is an Open Door Policy?

An open door policy doesn’t need to be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that the manger’s door is never closed. It means that if employees want to go and talk to their manager, they feel that they’re able to do so and they don’t fear being sent away or feeling like they’re bothering them unnecessarily. 

It’s a good idea for managers to avoid closing the doors to their offices all the time. Just leave it open and let some air in! Of course, when there is private work to be done or another person is discussing something with the manager, the door should be closed. The rest of the time, why not leave it open and show employees that there is nothing to worry about if they want to discuss something?

This whole idea is hugely beneficial because it means that issues are resolved before they become major problems. Workplace stress is such a huge deal and far too often, employees feel worried about talking to their manager about stress. This means it just builds up and over time this can be extremely dangerous for health and wellbeing. 

When a manager has an open door policy, they sit at their executive office desk and get their work done, but if someone needs to talk to them, they’re able to make an appointment or just knock on the door and go in, if it’s a good time to do so. 

Of course, managers also need to make sure they listen to their employees and really engage with them on whatever they need to talk about. It’s all very good having your office door open and making it look like you’re approachable, but you also have to do something about whatever your employee wants to discuss too!

Being approachable means that employees feel more relaxed and supported in their role. This boosts morale and of course, that has a huge impact on profits at the end of the day. 

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