What is The Reception Area NOT For?

Published on 30/05/2021

There’s an awful lot of talk about what a reception area is for and its main functions, but what about the things it shouldn't be used for?

If you want visitors to get the very best first impression of your business, you need to make sure that your reception area remains professional at all times. Any slight deviation from that will cause your visitors to wonder whether your reception area is a reflection of the service your business provides.

To help you keep your reception area on the straight and narrow, let’s look at a few of the things your reception space should never be used for. 

Somewhere to Eat Lunch

The reception area isn’t a break room. If visitors walk in and see the receptionist sitting at the reception desk eating lunch, it doesn’t give the best impression. Also, employees shouldn’t go to the reception area to eat their lunch either. 

Somewhere to Stand And Gossip

It’s true that the receptionist is often out of the way compared to the rest of the employees sitting in the open plan space with their ergonomic desks. However, that doesn’t mean that employees can go down to the reception area on their breaks and gossip with the receptionist. Any chat should be kept out the reception space. 

A Break Out Space

If the main office doesn’t have a break out space, e.g. somewhere for employees to sit and have a coffee in their five or ten minute break, that doesn’t make the reception area the second best place. The only people in the reception area should be the receptionist, employees who need to be there for a work reason, and visitors who are checking in or waiting. 

A Collaborative Area

Another no-no is to use the reception space as a collaborative area for brainstorming or work-related chat. The office reception area chairs are not for collaboration, they’re for visitors waiting to be seen. In addition visitors could easily overhear the conversation and that’s not ideal for confidentiality. 

Making sure that your reception area is used for the very thing it is supposed to be used for, e.g. receiving visitors, means that you’ll maintain the best first impressions possible. Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to think of how to design the reception area to a high standard and in that case, check out the video below which outlines some great ideas you might like to consider for your own space. 

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