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What Tasks Should You think About Outsourcing to a Freelancer?

Published on 12/03/2019


Every business has a range of tasks to complete on a daily basis. Some of these tasks can be done very easily in-house, but what if you have tasks which require more specialised skills? In this case, hiring a freelancer to cover those bases is a great idea. 

You might wonder why you would want to pay someone else to do a task that you could train your existing employees to do, but there are many advantages of choosing a freelancer instead. 

  • You have access to specialised skills
  • A freelancer works remotely, so you don’t have to think about business furniture
  • No overheads to consider, e.g. electric or heating
  • You don’t have to pay a freelancer employee benefits, e.g. pension contributions
  • Outsourcing means that you can free up your existing employees to do other tasks

The biggest plus point is that a freelancer isn’t working your office so there is no need to factor them into your office furniture design. This cuts down on furniture costs, and as mentioned above, also cuts out the need to heat and light a room. This can mount up over the course of a year. 

The biggest advantage has to be specialised, up to date skills. When you start to work with a freelancer you can be choosey about who you go with, ensuring that the person you opt for has the advanced skills that you need for a specific task. A few ideas of common outsourced tasks are: 

  • Blogging/content writing
  • Translation projects
  • ;Proofreading
  • Accounting
  • Social media management
  • Website design
  • Virtual assistant tasks

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as hiring a freelancer really could free up your employees to a huge amount. No need for extra modern office chairs, no overheads, and advanced skills coming your way! 

Let us know the types of tasks you’ve hired freelancers for in the past

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