What To Do When ... An Accident Happens in The Office

Published on 30/08/2021


All workplaces need to focus very firmly on health and safety. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors to the property. However, it’s also the responsibly of employees to do everything they can to ensure their own safety, the safety of their colleagues and visitors. 

Put simply, we’re all responsible for such a huge subject!

However, from time to time it’s entirely possible that an accident may occur. Hopefully this will only be something small, such as a minor trip with no injures sustained, but there still needs to be procedures in place. This means that accidents are recorded and safeguards put in place to ensure the same thing doesn't happen again. 

For a short overview, check out this video which talks about some of the most common workplace accidents and their effects. 

So, what should you do when an accident happens in the workplace?

  • Ensure the health of the person involved - First things first, you need to check that the person who has had the accident is okay. If they need medical attention, that needs to be arranged before anything else. Once you’re sure they’re fine, you can move on to the next stage. 
  • Ensure no hazards are still in place - Double check the area to make sure that the hazard is no longer present. For instance, if they tripped over something, make sure it’s no longer there. Basically, make sure nobody else can do the same thing. 
  • Record the accident - Enter details of the accident into your accident book or any other recording process you have in place. If you don’t have this already, you must set it up immediately as it is part of your list of responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act. 
  • Perform a risk assessment - A risk assessment of the area and surrounding area needs to be performed to make sure that nobody else can have an accident int he same spot. Also check that the same issue cannot occur anywhere else. This is where you can learn lessons and make changes. 
  • Implement training if necessary - If any training is required to ensure no repeat of the situation, that is your final step to complete the process.

Health and safety at work is everyone’s responsibility and knowing what to do when an accident has occurred is vital. 

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