What To Do When … Profits Are Falling

Published on 31/08/2021


Profits are what all businesses aim for. For most businesses, it’s the reason they exist. 

For sure, some businesses focus upon providing something to people and that’s what is most important to them, but without profits, businesses fail. 

It’s normal for profits to fluctuate occasionally. Markets ebb and flow and sometimes that means you’ll have a month or two when a dip occurs, only for it to recover and perhaps even increase in the following few months. This type of situation is relatively normal for most businesses. 

However, if you notice that your profits are continually falling month upon month, you need to use all your problem solving skills to work out exactly what the issue is. 

There are a few potential problems that could be causing your profits to plummet

  • Low morale in the office, affecting productivity and potentially causing mistakes to be made
  • Poor market research and a failure to know what your competitors are doing
  • Sticking to the same tried and tested routine for years and never mixing things up
  • Taking customer “loyalty” for granted and not looking after your customers

Of course, there are countless other potential reasons depending upon the business and it’s situation but these are some of the most common workplace problems that lead to profits falling, as a direct result of low productivity

The easiest problem to fix, and perhaps the one that will bring you the most benefit, is raising morale in the office. 

When morale is low, nothing good happens. Motivation is reduced, customers begin to notice, and profits fall as a result. When you fix morale, fewer mistakes are made and employees are more likely to want to go the extra mile for an employer who shows them that they’re valued and cared about. 

If poor market research or an inability to stay up to date with trends is your problem, then you need to do some serious work. Sit down and work out why your competitors are doing better than you and figure out a creative way to start moving back up the ladder again. Linking back to morale; by increasing morale, your employees are more likely to come up with creative ideas, therefore helping you to overcome most other problems.

Continually falling problems are not something to ignore. This is a huge red flag and a slippery slope towards business failure if you allow it to continue. 

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