Calibre’s Quick Insights – When is it Time to Replace Your Office Furniture?

Published on 29/11/2018

Today we will be spending some time talking about the upgrading of office furniture. When exactly is it the right time to update your office furniture items?

Let's begin with accepting the fact that nothing lasts forever. It’s a sad fact, but it also encompasses your commercial office furniture too. Yes that’s right, it might be time to wave goodbye to that trusty office chair that’s been your comfort blanket of sorts for years.

You might wonder why you should go about replacing office chairs, desks, tables etc, if you really don’t need to, but over time, the strength evaporates, support isn’t what it was, and basically they go out of fashion.

Overall, office chairs should essentially last you at least over a year or two, based on someone working full-time or not. You’ll probably begin to notice signs of wear and tear well before that, and this should be monitored. Office desks tend to be a longer affair, but as soon as you notice things starting to break or weaken, or when they simply don’t fit in with your decor anymore, it’s time to look for something new. The same can be said for conference room furniture, as this is likely to be used less than regular multi-functional office furniture.

It’s vital to place a high amount of importance on the quality of your office furniture. Would you want to sit on an uncomfortable chair? No! So avoid making your employees do that.

How often have you replaced your office furniture in the past? Are you thinking of having a revamp? Check out our Facebook page, for up to date style and design information for your new office.

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