When is it Time to Update Your Office Chairs

Published on 09/04/2019

Blue office chairs


Everyone wants to have the most up-to-date tech, but what about the most up to date office furniture? It’s equally as important to ensure that your office chairs are standing up to the test of time, and by ensuring that they’re not breaking, showing signs of strain, or not being as supportive as they once were, you can keep your staff comfortable, and avoid aches and pains too. 

It can be hard to figure out when an office chair needs to be replaced, especially if there are no visible signs on it, such as tears, breaks, etc. On the whole, office chairs need to be replaced after around 7 to 10 years, if the person sitting at it is working an average of around 40 hours per week. Of course, if something on the chair isn’t up to scratch, e.g. there is a split or tear, it will need to be replaced sooner. 

Generally speaking, whenever you implement a new office desking system in your office, you should think about replacing furniture at the same time. This ensures that what you have fits in with your new system. For instance, a comfortable mesh office chair would look fantastic and work really well in any office space. If you’re thinking of incorporating a time out/collaborative space, be sure to look at the breakout seating alternatives that will suit your needs. 

How often have you replaced your chairs in the past?


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