Which is Better - Individual or Team Work?

Published on 01/07/2019

Solo-or Teamwork

Not everyone works in the same way; some prefer to talk about a task first, whilst others prefer to keep themselves to themselves, behind office partition screens, and work on their own. Despite our differences, which is the best route towards productivity and success?

Both team work and individual work have their pros and cons, and teamwork can certainly be both good and bad. Despite the argument over the two methods, it seems that teamwork wins out, but only marginally. There will always be a place for individual work, but when working towards a common goal, more than one head is always better. 

Check out this video which outlines the reasons why teamwork is important.

Creating zones within your office, allowing some employees to concentrate on individual work and others to collaborate, is a good idea. This means choosing large meeting room tables for brainstorming, and perhaps an oval boardroom table instead of a long one; this means everyone has a chance to input their ideas, rather than feeling too far away from the central discussion.

Do you agree or disagree?


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