Why a Round Boardroom Table is a Good Idea

Published on 12/08/2019


Collaboration is at the heart of business success these days, but in order to collaborate effectively, you need to give your employees the tools to actually achieve it. This can be done via a dedicated collaborative section in your office, or you could opt to use your boardroom for collaboration, as well as important meetings.

Designing the best boardroom setting possible is a vital part of the deal, but part of that includes the actual boardroom furniture. What shape is your current meeting room table? Is it long and rectangular, or have you gone down the modern route and opted for a rounded shape?

An oval boardroom table, or a circular design, is an ideal choice. Why? Because it allows everyone to see and hear everyone else involved in the discussion, and it makes collaboration and meetings easier, because everyone can speak equally. With a long meeting room table, it can be difficult to hear someone down the far end, but with a rounded shape, everyone can be heard in equal measures. 

Which do you think is best?

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