Why Does Office Design Help to Create Good Impressions?

Published on 19/02/2021


You’ve no doubt heard the old saying that ‘first impressions are everything’. It’s no lie. The better the impression you make on someone, the more likely they are to consider you in a positive light. From a business point of view, that also means they’re more likely to come back to your business for the goods and services you provide, whilst recommending them to friends and family. 

First impressions cover a huge range of different areas. Check out this infographic below which talks about just how quickly we create our impression of someone or something.

Source - https://www.womenonbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/First-Impression-infographic.jpg

As you can see, it’s a pretty quick process!

So, how does your office interior design and the general feel of the space link in to this?

In a big way.

The way your office is designed, decorated and laid out speaks for you. It ensures your employees feel comfortable, supported, and uplifted during their working days and it also gives visitors the right message about who you are as a business. Your office design should be in line with your identity as a business, e.g. it should speak about the things you offer. 

When someone walks into your office, they will scan the area without even realising it. They’ll look at how your office is laid out, they’ll look at the types of furniture you have and whether people are sat too close together, and they’ll look at the décor and decide how it makes them feel. From all of that they’ll quickly create an impression of how your business feels to them.

If you get your design wrong, you could give them the wrong impression. That may influence their decision on whether they purchase or order anything from you now and in the future. 

It’s very easy to say that general office design ideas are just that – ideas, but that’s not the case. There’s a reason why interior design and space placement is such a big thing these days. We take notice of it subconsciously and when we know how to tap into its power, we can ensure that people see us in the best possible light. 

On another note, having a good quality layout and design means that your employees will enjoy working in the office and morale will be higher. When someone walks into an office that has a high level of morale, they can feel it. The space just feels more positive and lifted. However, when they walk into a space that is quite low in morale, it feels negative, and the entire energy of the room is draining. 

There are so many reasons why designing your office in a positive and careful way is so important. 

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