Why Drinking Water is One Way to Reduce Workplace Stress

Published on 30/09/2020


How many times have you heard about the importance of drinking more water?

Probably many times. 

Despite that, how much water do you actually drink?

Probably not as much as you should!

Most of us need to be reminded to drink more water on a daily basis, but when you look at the benefits of H2O, you’ll understand why we’re constantly being hit over the head with this type of advice. In terms of reducing workplace stress, increasing concentration, making you more productive, and generally helping you to feel more awake, water is a vital tool in your kit. 

Check out this infographic which gives you more information on the benefits of drinking more water on a daily basis.


Source - https://www.lifehack.org/527558/10-infographics-that-help-you-drink-more-water-effortlessly

There is some debate over how much water is enough. Currently the rule of thumb is the 8x8 guideline. This means you should drink 8 glasses of water, around 8oz in size, per day. Don’t forget though, your daily intake can also include tea, coffee, juice, as well as water, but drinking it plain is always more beneficial. If you can’t stand the blandness, you could try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime juice to jazz it up a little. However, always avoid carbonated or ‘fizzy’ types of water, as these are simply full of sugar!

So, why does water help you to deal with stress?

It’s about helping you to be more alert and switched on. When you drink water, your brain and body are both hydrated and that helps you to feel more awake. Water helps boost productivity, by nourishing the cells throughout your body, and it also helps you to feel more alert and ‘on the ball’. This is ideal for working your way through tight deadlines or difficult tasks on your to-do list whilst sitting at your office desk. Water can also help to boost creative thinking, which is ideal whilst you’re collaborating around the boardroom furniture too. 

Put simply, feeling more alert and productive helps you to feel in control and when you feel that way, it’s difficult for stress to really get a foot in and cause the havoc that it wants to. 

Nature has a very calming effect on humans, and that is something you can use in your office to boost productivity and reduce stress overall. Not only do you need to drink plenty of water but you should also think about incorporating office plants into your decor and make sure there is plenty of fresh air and natural light making their way into the space. 

Mother Nature can certainly help you out when it comes to stress relief but overall health and wellbeing too. Drinking water is never a bad thing. As you will have seen from the earlier infographic, it has a wealth of benefits for health overall, not only in terms of helping you to feel less stressed and more in control. 

Is it time you reached for a glass of H2O?

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