Why Ergonomics Are So Important in The Reception Area

Published on 30/05/2021

We hear a lot about ergonomics, but they’re often not mentioned in line with the reception area. Why is that? Especially when they’re actually quite vital in this particular part of your office space?

Look at it this way, a receptionist will sit at the office reception desk for many hours in a day. This isn't a role which requires getting up and moving around too much. Sure, there will be times when the receptionist needs to get up and go and deliver something or give a message, but the whole point of this role is that they’re there, ready to greet visitors as they enter the space. For that reason, the receptionist’s office furniture needs to be comfortable and adjustable. 

Office reception chairs need to be ergonomic, it’s that simple. The receptionist is prone to all manner of musculoskeletal problems if they’re not comfortable and supported throughout their working day. Of course, even with an ergonomic chair, the person using it needs to know how to sit correctly.

Effective office reception design doesn’t only take into account how the space looks and how impressive it is visually to visitors, it should also take into account how comfortable it is. Seating should be soft yet firm, chairs should be cleaned regularly, and there should be enough reception seating to ensure nobody has to stand or perch on a too-small space whilst they wait. These are all elements which will help to make the best impression and stop anyone from having their view of the business ruined by a small, yet really quite significant, detail. 

As far as the reception furniture goes, ergonomic has to be the way forward. There may be times when the receptionist isn’t at work, or perhaps they’ve gone for their lunch break and someone covers for them. That person may not have the same requirements as the receptionist in terms of how they like their chair to be, but an ergonomic chair can be easily adjusted and then back again once the receptionist returns to their seat. 

To make everyone more comfortable and to avoid any easily avoidable injuries, it’s ergonomic all the way. 

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