Why Feedback is Key to Employee Performance

Published on 31/12/2021

As a manager, you’re going to need to give your employees feedback from time to time. How do you feel about doing this?

Are you someone who relishes it? Or, are you someone who is worried about upsetting an employee unnecessarily?

The truth is that you should neither enjoy giving feedback nor dread it. It’s simply part of office life and something which is actually very helpful to your employees. Even as a manager, you should embrace any feedback that comes your way because it helps you to become a better manager.

The issue arises when feedback isn’t given in the right way and instead it is deemed to be critical and not at all helpful.

If you struggle with giving feedback as part of your role, check out this video for a few tips.

Viewing feedback in the right way ensures success for everyone. If an employee is doing something and you feel they could do it slightly better by changing their approach, that’s good feedback to give. Of course, you don’t walk up to them at their office desk and tell them that they’re doing it all wrong and should be doing it this way instead. You praise them for the good work they’re doing and suggest that to take things to an even better level, they might like to try this approach instead. It really comes down to how you give feedback as to whether it will be successful or not.

In the end, feedback helps us to do better. How can we possibly know if we’re doing something wrong or perhaps doing something in a way that’s not optimal, if nobody tells us We’re not born knowing everything! The key is mindset. By embracing feedback as something to learn from and an opportunity to do even better, you’re on the right track. But, if you see feedback as criticism all the time and take it super-personal, it’s only going to hold you back instead.

We all need to learn to see feedback differently and by doing that, we open ourselves up to a world of improvements. In terms of increased business success, the chances of everything improving for the better are pretty high too.

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