Why glass is the perfect office material

Published on 01/11/2016

There is a fine art to creating the perfect office. Often, the working areas that look the best are those that have a consistency and confidence about their design. Rather than being a hotchpotch of office furniture, they have a clear theme and style.

If you’re looking to revamp your office, or you’re moving to new premises and starting from scratch, it’s well worth thinking carefully about the overall look you’d like to create.


For example, by using glass in many different ways throughout your working space, you stand a good chance of creating a contemporary, chic space with a unified look.

Of course, this material has been used for centuries as a means of letting light into buildings. However, designers and engineers are now using glass in a whole range of innovative ways.


Here at Calibre we specialise in offering superb office furniture UK and should have all the products you need. For example, you can take a look at the selection of glass desks we offer and choose from a variety of colours and styles. If you want to follow a monochrome design scheme, perhaps a mixture of black and white glass desks would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you want to inject a sense of fun into your working space, some brightly coloured products could be perfect.

Boardroom tables

If there’s one part of your office that must look the part, it’s your boardroom. This is where you can try to impress potential investors, business partners and customers, so it’s crucial that it has the wow factor.

We sell a range of glass boardroom tables that will really make visitors sit up and take notice. You might fancy completely transparent versions, or perhaps translucent or opaque coloured tables would be better. You can also take you pick from a variety of shapes and sizes too, meaning you’ll be able to find products that suit your boardroom perfectly.


As well as checking out our impressive range of desks, tables and other items of contemporary office furniture, it’s worth thinking more generally about the layout of your working space.

For example, to boost the levels of natural light in your office and to give it a greater sense of openness and space, you may decide to use glass partitions between different areas. This can completely transform the look of working areas and give them a cleaner, sharper and more impressive appearance.


Meanwhile, if you’re going for the glass look in your office, it’s helpful to combine this with minimalist decor. Too much clutter can detract from the chic appearance of this material. In addition, so that glass desks really stand out, it’s important to keep them free from too much paperwork and general mess.

Well worth the effort

Putting a little energy and thought into your office design and making the most of the impressive materials and products out there is well worth the effort. It shows that your firm is on-trend and it could even help you recruit and retain the best workers.


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