Why We All Need to Say "No" From Time to Time

Published on 12/08/2019


Saying “yes” to everything will not get you far in life. 

You might think that in a work setting it’s important to say “yes” as much as possible, to give your manager the impression that you’re capable and able. That is true to a degree, but if you’re saying “yes” to the point where you’re overwhelming yourself with work, you’re simply going to start making mistakes and missing targets and deadlines

That is certainly not going to make you look capable or able. 

Check out this video for a little more information on why saying “no” is sometimes a good thing. 

There is a time and a place for saying “no”, and it’s probably not going to be in front of everyone, around the boardroom furniture. Do it in private and explain your reasons why. Your manager, supervisor, or whoever else you need to say “no” to, will understand far better if you take this route. 

Do you find it easy to say “no”?

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