Why You Should Speak to Your Employees Before Changing Your Office Design

Published on 28/02/2021


There are many elements that go into managing a team. Some of them are obvious, others are a little more subtle, but every single one is important. One of the key elements is ensuring that your employees feel valued.

When employees feel valued, morale is higher. When you have an office with high morale, productivity increases, and everything changes for the better.

There are many ways to achieve high morale, but one very important route, and probably the easiest of them all, is to remember to speak to your employees before making any changes, especially when it comes to how they work and where they work. 

Your employees sit at their office desks every day, doing whatever tasks they need to do. They’re the ones who know how the office works best and that makes them your go-to for advice and answers on how the office could be designed better and how it could work better. 

Renovating your office or even just redecorating it, causes a huge upheaval to your employees. Any small change to their working environment is far more major in their minds. It would be exactly the same if there was a change to your managerial office, if you think about it. 

Before you even put a place in place to change your office layout, sit down with your employees and ask them what they think. How do they think the office could be changed to make it better? What would they like to see? What do they need? Then, listen to their suggestions and try and accommodate them wherever possible. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything they say if it doesn’t make business sense or if it doesn’t fit in with your budget, but you should at least listen, explore, and find a good piece of middle ground. 

The whole reason behind this is to find an office design that suits everyone, but it’s also to help your employees feel that you’re listening to them and that you value their opinion. When you do this, employees are far more likely to go the extra mile for you and they’ll feel supported and comfortable within their working environment. This cuts down on mistakes, increases productivity, and ensures a better outcome for everyone. It also increases profits, and that’s the main focus for every business at the end of the day!

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