Will AI Really Take Our Jobs?

Published on 15/07/2019


If you listen to Elon Musk, it won’t be long before robots are able to do pretty much everything a human can do. But, is that really the truth, and is your job likely to be stolen by a complicated lump of metal?

It seems that constant developments in technology come our way every single year, and with the rise of VR and AR in addition, you could be forgiven for worrying. The truth? It’s not quite so cut and dry. 

Check out this video for a taste of reality on the subject. 

As you can see, it’s not time to panic just yet! There are certain jobs which robots simply can’t do. Whether that will change in the future, we simply can’t know, but for now, there are certain professions which can certainly breath a sign of relief, including: 

•    Therapists
•    Doctors
•    Nurses
•    Caregivers
•    Customer services
•    Creative roles, such as writing or journalism
•    IT roles 

These are the types of jobs which rely upon human personalities and complex decisions. A robot cannot perform these types of tasks – can you imagine being tended to in your hospital bed by a robot?

On the other hand, roles which rely upon production, even fast food restaurants, have seen a rise in the amount of AI used, and this is likely to increase as time passes. 

What do you think about the future of AI and jobs?


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