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Your 2019 checklist to improve your business

Published on 30/01/2019

Your 2019 checklist to improve your work environment

How about making some business changes which will contribute towards your overall success, and make your office space a better place for your employees to work in? If you’re struggling for ideas, let’s check out a few potential suggestions. 

Office Furniture Upgrade

Are your office chairs looking a little less than their best? Could your desks do with a revamp? How about your storage units? Why not make the New Year a time when you do out with the old and bring in the new in terms of furniture items. A fresh, new approach to your office space will certainly boost productivity too, as old furniture is both uncomfortable and unsupportive for your employees. Simply search for ‘office furniture stores near me’ and see what new items could make an appearance in your space. 

A New Design 

If you’re going for an upgrade with your furniture, how about changing the office decor and layout completely? Changing the colour of the walls could have a profound effect on the mood and morale of your staff, and adding in a little artwork or nods to nature is also proven to be super-effective. You could also look at your existing lighting and see if there are any opportunities to bring in natural light. All of these elements are proven to boost productivity levels. 

Unconventional office desking

New Technological Additions

Moving with the times is something we all need to do, both in home and work situations. In an office setting however, this is more important than ever before. Are there any new software packages your business could use for faster and more effective work? How about incorporating video conferencing, so delegates around your conference table can communicate with those perhaps out of the country, e.g. remote workers?

Stand Height Table with TV BOX

Health And Wellness

There is a huge amount of benefit to be found in investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees. Not only will you notice less sick days (which cost the business over the year), but you’ll also notice the morale within your workforce is on the up. Think about things like health education, offering discounts for gyms and other health/wellness endeavours in the local area, promoting exercise, smoking cessation, and stress management, to name just a few ideas. 

The more you show your employees that you care about their wellbeing, the more they will be inclined to work harder for you. Productivity rises, your workforce is happy, and profits are on the up!

Energizing Nap Pod to boost your productivity

Staff Training And Education 

Another way to boost morale and give major benefit to the workforce is by promising staff training and education. This keeps skills and knowledge up to date, but it also shows your staff that you are investing in their future too. Why not incorporate a training zone into your office space? Check out London office furniture for some ideas on how you could do this, such as breakout furniture, and have computers which are dedicated to online training programmes and research. 

You could also actively encourage staff to go on training courses, both inside and outside the organisation. Cascading this information throughout the workforce ensures everyone benefits from the new knowledge, and as a result your productivity will increase too. 

These are just a few changes you could make to your business endeavours this coming New Year. Throw out those empty promises and instead instil realistic, positive change. This will benefit everyone, both staff and the business profits, and will make your office a pleasant and positive place to work. Staff will be happy, they won’t want to move elsewhere, and you’ll also be able to attract new talent into your workplace too, which again benefits your business in the future. 

There is no downside to making change, and it isn’t something we should fear. Resolutions on the other hand, are a total waste of time. Save your time and take action!

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