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Beech MFC
Concrete MFC
Maple MFC
Natural Oak MFC
Natural Walnut MFC
White MFC
Zebrano MFC
Zebrano Sand MFC
Cherry Veneer
Light Oak<br />
Macassar Gold Veneer
Macassar Tan Veneer
Natural Walnut Veneer
Smoked Oak Veneer
Wenge Veneer
Maple Veneer


Saturn modular boardroom tables come with "Quick-fit" legs that can be removed in a matter of moments without the need for any tools.

The legs can be stowed under elasticated webbing strips fixed to the underside of the top. Table tops with the legs stowed can be stacked on the mobile trolley and wheeled wherever required.

Quick Fit Tubular Legs available in Silver, Slate or Chrome.

Picture showing: 7 Rectangular Tables

700mm Deep Tables

Shape/Size MFC Veneer
Square 700mm x 700mm £205.00 £374.00
Rectangular 1400mm x 700mm £225.00 £460.00
Rectangular 1600mm x 700mm £238.00 £502.00
Rectangular 1800mm x 700mm £262.00 £542.00
Trapezoidal 1400mm x 700mm £245.00 £495.00
D Ended 1400mm x 700mm £255.00 £505.00
90 Degree Link 700mm x 700mm £190.00 £360.00

800mm Deep Tables

Shape/Size MFC Veneer
Square 800mm x 800mm £212.00 £402.00
Rectangular 1400mm x 800mm £238.00 £470.00
Rectangular 1600mm x 800mm £245.00 £512.00
Rectangular 1800mm x 800mm £270.00 £555.00
Trapezoidal 1600mm x 800mm £267.00 £552.00
D Ended 1600mm x 800mm £272.00 £564.00
90 Degree Link 800mm x 800mm £198.00 £392.00


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