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Finish Options

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Frame Finish

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Optional Modesty Panel

Modesty panels 400mm deep are available to fit rectangular FipTop tables. Modesty panels are an independent component and may be fitted on installation or added later. Please note that fitting a modesty panel will reduce the knee room under the table to 443mm on a 600mm deep table, 493mm on a 700mm deep
table and 543mm on an 800mm deep table, and the user sits on the side of the table opposite the release catch. Modesty panels are not compatible with hinged
cable management flaps – you cannot fit both.

Size MFC Veneer
1200mm £47.00 £82.00
1400mm £53.00 £95.00
1600mm £58.00 £105.00
1800mm £63.00 £118.00
Cable Management Flaps Click to View Options

Cable Management Flaps

The hinged flap option provides a one-size module with a hinged flap and cable tray under, incorporating an 850mm wide x 150mm deep back panel.
Hinged flaps are available on 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800mm rectangular tables. Hinged flaps are not compatible with modesty panels – you cannot fit both.

  MFC    Veneer
Hinged Flap & Cable Tray £97.00 £108.00    Per Table


Scope Tables incorporate a flip top action that may be easily released simply by pulling a single catch and then pivoted through 90° from horizontal to vertical. Tables may then be nested together to save space or moved through doorways with much reduced risk of damage.
Rectangular and trapezoidal tables may be used individually or arranged in a wide range of open configurations.
T-frames are available fitted with glides or lockable wheel-brake castors. With these castors the wheels may be locked to prevent them rolling.

700mm Deep Tables  Silver/White/Slate Frame  Chrome Frame
Size MFC Veneer MFC Veneer
Rectangular 1400mm x 700mm £293.00 £552.00 £322.00 £582.00
Rectangular 1600mm x 700mm £308.00 £599.00 £337.00 £629.00
Rectangular 1800mm x 700mm £336.00 £643.00 £350.00 £671.00
Trapezoidal 1400mm x 700mm £306.00 £582.00 £398.00 £613.00
Semi-Circular 1400mm x 700mm £315.00 £593.00 £347.00 £626.00
800mm Deep Tables   Silver/White/Slate Frame Chrome Frame
Size MFC Veneer MFC Veneer
Square 800mm x 800mm £265.00 £468.00 £291.00 £500.00
Rectangular 1400mm x 800mm £301.00 £560.00 £329.00 £592.00
Rectangular 1600mm x 800mm £314.00 £609.00 £347.00 £641.00
Rectangular 1800mm x 800mm £343.00 £657.00 £373.00 £687.00
Trapezoidal 1600mm x 800mm £326.00 £646.00 £354.00 £675.00
Semi-Circular 1600mm x 800mm £336.00 £658.00 £364.00 £690.00


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