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Welcome to the Calibre Office Furniture blog page! During your blog journey with us, you will find a wide array of comprehensive articles, which relate to a number of our products ranging from desks, office chairs to office storage items.

Many of our articles also focus on the services we provide for modern workplaces such as leasing and space planning. Join us now and find out as much as you can about the office furniture industry.

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The Pros & Cons of Opting For Glass Office Furniture


Fashions are present in every walk of life, from clothes to sofas, shoes to gardens, and everything else-in-between! If...

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The Connection Between Mobile Technology & Employee Productivity


Technology has been practically everywhere for many years now, but over the last few years one particular item has come to...

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The Link Between The Physical Work Environment and Job Performance


It is common knowledge that a happy employee is a more productive employee. From an employer’s point of view, this...

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The Risks of Sitting at an Office Desk All Day


Working in an office generally requires a lot of sitting at a desk. Whilst those who do more manual-style jobs might think...

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Creative & Unique Ways of Designing Your Boardrooms


Historically, the boardroom has been a place of serious conversations, a place of fear, a place where decisions are made...

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Simple Ways to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury



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Enhancing Mental Well-being In The Workplace


We all know that happy employees work better than employees who are unmotivated, unhappy, and basically wishing they were...

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Calibre’s Roundtable Discussion: The Impact Of Technology On Businesses


Like it or not, technology is taking over the world. Can you remember a time before the internet? How did we used to book...

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5 Things to Think About When Choosing an Office Space


Finding an office space that is fit for purpose, fits your companies budget, identifies with your company’s brand and...

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