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UK Office Design Blogs

Welcome to the Calibre Office Furniture blog page! During your blog journey with us, you will find a wide array of comprehensive articles, which relate to a number of our products ranging from desks, office chairs to office storage items.

Many of our articles also focus on the services we provide for modern workplaces such as leasing and space planning. Join us now and find out as much as you can about the office furniture industry.                                                                                                         

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A Comprehensive Guide to Staff Management


A business which aims to be successful needs to have a good quality staff management programme in place. If this...

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A Complete Guide to Staff Training


Learning is a never-ending circle of new knowledge and skills, and from birth to the day we die, we are always learning,...

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Smart & Subtle Ways of Exercising at Work


We’re always told how it’s important that we exercise regularly. Exercise is fantastic for overall health and...

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How Can I Get More Privacy in an Open Plan Office?


Open plan offices have always been a popular choice for businesses, whether large or small, and will probably continue to...

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Advantages of Using White Office Furniture


When it comes to setting up a new office, or even an office refurbishment, it comes down to style, functionality, and...

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A Guideline to Choosing The Right Office Chairs


A chair is not just something to sit on. Oh no! A chair is something which is designed to serve a purpose, that’s for...

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How Can I Prevent The Development of Back Pains at Work?


One of the biggest problems for any office worker is the potential for pain. Of course, nobody should be in pain whilst at...

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How Businesses Can Become More Environmentally Friendly


Businesses being environmentally friendly should be high on the agenda when it comes to their business responsibilities and...

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Calibre’s Quick Insights - Getting Your ‘Texture’ on in the Modern Workplace


Dear Readers, Welcome to today’s quick insights session here at Calibre! When it comes to office design, what...

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