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Office desk screens are a cost-effective way to make the most out of your existing office space – whether you need to divide desks in a call centre environment, or you require privacy for staff meetings.

Calibre provides office screens for every situation, coming in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. We have some fantastic floor-standing screens which can be configured in an infinite number of ways.

We also provide desk mounted office screens, which are ideal for dividing desks into individual workstations. Simplicity and efficiency is the key. For noisy office environments, why not try our acoustic desk-mounted screens? Using a sophisticated rubber core, these screens absorb up to 75% of noise directed at the screen.

For the ultimate in instant meeting rooms, our screen pods cannot be beaten. These movable, flexible screens can be used to encircle your existing furniture to provide you with a cool and contemporary solution for those impromptu sessions.


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