Looking to escape the hustle and bustle for a little peace? These one-person pods provide a distraction-free zone for uninterrupted work in busy open plan spaces. They can be combined side by side or back to back; in pairs, in quads, or in rows of any length. Whatever the configuration, the distinctively shaped panels combine harmoniously: they also facilitate easy access. The gentle curved detailing of the front and side panels help create a feeling of cloistered calm.

Available in left and righthand variants, each pod comes fully equipped.

The worksurface – sized and positioned for comfortable work with laptop, tablet, phone or paper – incorporates ample power options: a wireless phone charger that pops up for access to wired USB-A and USB-C charging ports, and under the worksurface is a 3-pin power socket for a laptop charger.

The lamp provides comfortable, ambient lighting and glare-free illumination.

The sound-absorbing grooved PET felt lining both reduces background noise and enhances confidentiality.


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