5 Key Features of an Office Quiet Zone

Published on 08/07/2019

Office - Quiet zone


If your office has decided to go agile, you’ll no doubt have a quiet zone. If you’re considering going down the route of different zones for different tasks, knowing how to equip and furnish each area is vital. The quiet zone needs to scream peace and concentration, so what are the key facets which make up this specific area?

  1. Comfortable and supportive seatingBooths and pods are ideal for quiet zones, because they really take the focus away from “ouch that chair hurts my back” to being able to focus on the hand, without distractions.
  2. Furniture which could be moved around – A modular office desk is a good choice here, because these are as mobile as you need them to be. By opting for modular choices, you can create a bespoke quiet area, depending upon the tasks your employees need to complete.
  3. Acoustic panels to absorb noise – These are ideal for picking up white noise and background chatter and cancelling it out.
  4. Partitions or screens for privacy – Office partitions create a visual barrier between the person trying to concentrate and the rest of the office, ideal for true focus.
  5. A serene decor throughout the zone – Choosing a colour which is calming and serene can help employees focus better. Think about blues, greens, and perhaps yellows for creativity and calmness.

Can you think of any other quiet zone must haves? 


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