A comprehensive guide to staff well-being at work

Published on 03/11/2016

When looking at your well-being at work it’s important to take an all-rounded approach. There are a range of smart ways you can incorporate good habits into your work-life. These will be highlighted below.

Make most of your medical benefits

If your corporation provides you with medical benefits such as reflexology, chiropractic or osteopathy treatment options then you should most definitely make the most of what they have on offer. This could sound like an extraordinary idea to a number of workaholic individuals but it’s absolutely essential that company medical benefits are not overlooked by staff members.

We may not often realize but undergoing such treatments makes a great difference to both our physical and mental well-being. Past research has shown that undertaking regular massages helps lower stress levels and also helps with swiftly relieving any muscular pain that may be caused through work.


Make a habit of regularly using your office breakout areas

We can often fall in the trap of not moving away from our desk and having any time out. However, what we should essentially remind ourselves while at work is that breakout furniture in the office is there to be used and not just to be looked at.

Your organisation should ideally choose a variety of different types of office furniture for the workplace in order to cater to several different tastes and personalities that are existent in the office. Therefore, when selecting breakout furniture, it would be a sensible idea to invest in individual breakout booths as well as the more larger and sociable benches.

Try to perhaps mix it up a bit to add more excitement to your workday. For example, some days you can make use of the individual breakout booths whereas other days you can catch up with fellow colleagues on the more social furniture. By breaking up the days in this way, you will instantly be able to feel a positive difference in your mood and mental state.

Try to keep a positive mind frame at all times

We should all try to make the effort to keep a positive attitude throughout all work related situations even when it seems virtually impossible to do so. There will always be ups and downs at work but if we spend time focusing on the positives instead of the negatives then work will become a lot less challenging.

This concept is more about an individual being in control of their emotions. There are a number of ways we can ensure that we stay positive and not let work stress overpower us. Some of these include, going for regular workouts, eating and sleeping well and simply just training yourself to be positive. In fact, meditation can be a great starting point to leading a more positive life regardless of how stressful work can become.

Ensure Ergonomics is added to the mix throughout your office workspace

As we spend majority of our day sitting down at work the development of uncomfortable pains and aches around the body are bound to be formed. This is especially true if your workplace is failing to use ergonomic-friendly office furniture such as comfortable contemporary office chairs in the main office area or up-to-date meeting room chairs in the boardrooms.

If this is the case and you have noticed that your office space is not very ergonomic, then it would be a wise idea to notify the management team about this. You can suggest a re-evaluation of the general office desking design and maybe even encourage an entire office refurb if necessary. These simple but crucial steps will ensure a larger sum of staff members are no longer suffering from aches and pains which will consequently also reduce sickness levels at work too.

Get involved in staff team building activities and social events

Most of us would agree that the organisation of exciting team building activities and a couple of social gatherings per month immensely helps boost our morale at work. These fun work events also prove to us that employers are appreciative of our hard work and as a result want to reward us for it. All the rewards and praises will in theory, encourage us to carry on working hard for the company.

Past psychology based studies have even demonstrated that desired behaviour is achieved once positive reinforcement like rewards and praise are put in place. This theory would also apply well in most workplaces.

The key takeaway from this is that if such exciting and interactive activities are being arranged by your employer then you should make every effort to get involved. Attending such social events will not only keep you physically active but will help lift your spirits.

Raise your concerns and express your feelings if need be to the Human Resources (HR) team

Your workplace should without a doubt feel like a safe place to be. After all, it’s where you'll be spending majority of your time. If by any chance you are feeling really unhappy and are under a lot of stress even at home due to work, then it’s time you spoke to the Human Resources team.

Every colleague at work should feel protected and if they are not this needs to be raised and actioned. You will find it useful and relieving to express your feelings to relevant authoritative figures because then you can both collectively decide what to do next. Try to arrange regular visits with HR to start off with until you see an improvement with the situation.

Final thoughts

All workers ranging from senior directors to junior executives should have a healthy work life. A healthy work life is as highlighted above determined by a vast range of factors like having the best office furniture and making the of team building exercises. By taking the listed well-being factors on board you will immediately be able to tell the difference in your wellness at work.


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