Boosting productivity with the help of office screens

Published on 28/10/2016

Like many organisations, yours may operate in an open plan environment. This can represent a far more efficient use of space than occupying lots of small rooms and it also aids effective communication and collaboration between colleagues and departments.

However, despite their advantages, these environments also have one notable downside. They can quickly become noisy and distracting to the personnel operating within them. Sound levels soon build up when there are no walls to contain them.

Your bottom line

Sadly, this can have a major impact on your bottom line. If your staff members can’t concentrate, their productivity will suffer and ultimately this will impact on your finances.

Particularly at present while trading conditions remain strained, it’s vital that your organisation is able to operate as efficiently as possible and so any hindrance to this must be dealt with.

A savvy response

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to address distraction in open plan offices and that’s by investing in special screens. Here at Calibre we offer an impressive variety of office screens that could be ideal for your firm. 

These items represent a simple and cost-effective way to make the most of your working environment. They enable you to divide desks, ensure privacy for meetings, separate departments and much more. 

Take your pick

Just like all of our contemporary office furniture we offer a broad range of screens in many different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. This means that whatever you’re after, you shouldn’t struggle to find it on our website. 

Bubble screens  

It’s well worth checking out the bubble screens we sell. These items provide distinctive screening using funky transparent elements. As well as helping to minimise distractions, they also look the part and can add a sense of fun to your office. Meanwhile, each screen allows for shelving in three allocated holes.

Desk mounted options 

There are also desk mounted screens to consider. These elegant pieces of office furniture are highly popular because they are great for dividing space while at the same time bringing colour and character into the workplace. They’re also extremely simple to use.

To decrease the volume in your office even further, you can opt for special acoustic desk mounted screens. These feature a double-sided sound absorbing foam and a sophisticated rubber core that helps to prevent the transmission of noise. Indeed, at 25mm, the foam absorbs up to 75 per cent of all sound that hits it. 

Floor standing 

Then there are floor standing screens to consider. These items can help you divide space up efficiently and quickly and their wide variety of shapes and sizes means you have plenty of configuration possibilities.

Stylish flexible screens and screen pods

For a truly modern look, perhaps flexible screens would be ideal. These elegant items of office furniture UK can help you create stylish meeting areas within moments and they come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. 

On a similar theme, there are screen pods to peruse. These offer contemporary curves and they are quickly gaining popularity as more organisations discover their benefits.

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