Can Office Plants Really Lower Stress Levels?

Published on 18/02/2019

Office Plants

We all know that stress is not a good thing. Whilst we all utter the words ‘I’m stressed’ from time to time, real stress, the pressure cooker type of stress which makes your mind race and your breathing quicken, is not something to take lightly. 

Stress in the workplace is a very serious issue, and many employers are taking steps to try and help reduce it, and make staff more aware of stress management techniques. One of those methods might sound a little ‘out there’, but is actually very effective – introducing plants into the workplace. 

Yes, really!

Check out this infographic for a few interesting statistics on plants and their workplace benefits. 

Just as colours are known to affect mood, plants can do exactly the same thing. As you can see from the infographic, having indoor plants can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air and 15% more ideas are generated in an office which has plants.
That’s a big benefit for the employer! Overall however, plants have been shown to help lower stress levels because they are natural, and nature is a powerful stress reliever. It’s this very reason why you’ll see fish tanks and plants in dentist offices!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can decorate your entire office with greenery and trees, but a few subtly placed plants here and there could be the ideal way to help your staff deal with the day to day stresses which work inevitably places upon them occasionally. 

What do you think about plants? Do they have an effect on the way you feel personally? Let us know your ideas and thought on our Facebook page. 

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