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Published on 28/10/2016

Square footage comes at a premium these days and so it’s really important to make the most efficient use of office space possible. It’s no wonder then that open plan working areas are so popular.

Also, like many bosses, you might think that these environments encourage collaboration among workers.

A caveat

That said, these offices aren’t without their problems and one issue that may be a real worry for you is noise. It’s amazing how quickly conversations can crescendo into a monumental din that makes concentration virtually impossible. The louder the background noise, the more people have to raise their voices to be heard, and so the viscous circle continues.

At times, the productivity of your personnel may seriously suffer because of the racket going on around them. Of course, this is bad news for your bottom line.

Simple but effective

If you haven’t already invested in office screens, now could be the time to do so. These items are so simple in design, and yet so effective. By strategically placing them around your working environment, you can dramatically reduce noise levels and help ensure your workers benefit from a calm environment in which to get on with their tasks.

Here at Calibre we offer a range of these products and should have exactly what you need.

Take your pick

Desk dividers can be great in call centre environments, while floor screens can be used to separate different departments or teams. These items also come in handy if you want to cordon an area off to stage interviews or hold meetings.

We sell screens in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. This means that as well as choosing versions that are prefect from a practical point of view, you can also find products that perfectly complement your interior design efforts.


You might be especially interested in our acoustic desk mounted office partitions. These feature a sophisticated rubber core and can absorb up to 75 per cent of the noise directed at them.

Check out our screen pods

We’re all for innovative office furniture UK and so it’s no surprise we’re fans of the screen pod. These moveable, flexible office partitions can be used to encircle your existing furniture to provide a modern, chic solution for impromptu meetings.

Bubble screens

If you want to really go to town when it comes to contemporary, attractive designs, Bubble Screens are one to watch. These distinctive partitions use funky transparent elements and they can really bring offices to life.

They’re also highly practical and each screen allows for shelving in three allocated holes.

Necessity is the mother of creation

So, open plan offices aren’t exactly perfect. However, with a little imagination, you can solve the problem of excessive noise in your working space while also helping to ensure the area looks fabulous.

To check out our screens and other items of modern office furniture, just take a look around the rest of our website. When it comes to executive office furniture, you can see us as your one-stop-shop.


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