How Can You Create an Experiential Workplace?

Published on 28/04/2021

As a manager, you want the best for your employees. You want them to go to work every day and feel challenged and upbeat about the work they do. 

There are many elements which go into ensuring that employees feel comfortable and supported in the workplace, but how much focus do you place on office design?

When an office is designed in a negative way, it has a huge impact on how people feel when they’re sitting at their office chairs, trying to do their work. For instance, a small and dark office can have quite a depressing feel to it. As a result, when employees are sitting at their desks and trying to be productive, you might notice that their shoulders are a little slumped and they’re not smiling as much as they could. 

On the other hand, when you have a large and bright office, with plenty of natural light and air making its way in, you might see that employees sit a little more upright and that their general demeanour seems a little more positive than otherwise. 

Never underestimate the power of how an office feels in terms of what it can do for productivity. It’s for that reason that many businesses are creating an experiential workplace

The experiential workplace is basically an office or entire building which is focused on the employee and how they feel when they’re working there. It encompasses health and wellbeing, comfort, support, break facilities, and even leisure facilities that have nothing to do with work. 

You might not have the budget to start building tennis courts in the garden or installing games consoles for break times, but you can look towards creating an office that is not only suitable for your employees’ needs, but one which goes above and beyond. 

How can you do that?

Ask your employees what they want!

It’s really that simple. Have a meeting around the boardroom tables and ask your employees to come up with ideas and suggestions of how the office could be made more comfortable, what could make their days at work more enjoyable, and basically what they need to feel challenged and happier in their role. This might be having a dedicated break space. It might be having office booths for collaboration, or it might be moving towards and agile working model. It could be anything, but make sure you’re open to all suggestions and that you listen carefully. 

By asking your employees what they want, you can forge a greater sense of team spirit, you can finally give your employees what they really need, and as a result, you can look forwards to increased productivity. 

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