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Let's Discuss - How to Choose the Ideal Event Venue

Published on 13/12/2018

If you’re looking for somewhere to hold your next large-scale event, or perhaps an upcoming Christmas party, you need to choose the ideal venue. Maybe you want to take the event out of your office, and in that case, you need to search for venues within the local area.

You’ll certainly need more than a conference table, and you need something, which makes that particular event stand out, in order to make your shortlist. Check out this video, which gives you five steps to choosing the perfect venue.

The five tips they speak about include:

•   Finding a venue which has variety visually

•   A venue with something ‘different’ about it

•   Not having your music too loud, and choosing it at right times

•   Something to talk about - an ice breaker

•   The idea of having cocktail tables, to encourage networking

We think there are many other things you should add to that list, and it really depends on the type of event you’re planning. For a Christmas party, this would be a great starting point, and of course, you need to add in food and drink! For a conference event, perhaps you’d need to look more towards the business side of things, incorporating glass conference room tables as the icebreaker item perhaps.

If you’re opting to have your event in your own office space, check out office furniture stores online for some ideas. This certainly cuts down the stress of finding the perfect external venue!

What other elements do you think make up the perfect event venue? Drop us a line on our Twitter page and let us know!

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