How to Prepare For a Round of Interviews

Published on 13/11/2019


You’ve shortlisted your candidates and the big interview day is around the corner. so, how should you prepare for it, to ensure that everything runs smoothly?

Recruitment is a time consuming process , so it’s important to ensure everything goes according to plan, in order to save time and money. To help the day go without a hitch, cover the following points:

  • Compile a list of interview questions and scenarios which reflect the role you’re interviewing people for
  • Brief everyone who is on the interviewing panel on the various candidates you have shortlisted
  • Schedule interviews to ensure breaks for the interview panel 
  • Ensure there are enough copies of the job description and person specification on the day
  • Ensure the interview room is set up with comfortable boardroom chairs
  • Ensure the temperature of the interview room is suitable
  • Have refreshments to hand
  • Ensure that everyone has confirmed their interview slot prior to the big day

If you can cover these basics, you’ll find that your interview day will run far smoother as a result. Do you have any other ideas to add?

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