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Let's Discuss - Is it Possible to Lose Weight Whilst Working in an Office?

Published on 12/12/2018

The very nature of office work is sitting down on office chairs for long periods of time. This doesn’t lend itself to the healthiest of lifestyles, and can actually lead to weight gain over time.

That’s not something you want to hear!

To add a positive spin, check out the following interesting infographic by Naked Juice.

As you can see, it’s not impossible to actually lose weight whilst working in an office, and it all comes down to the healthy decisions you make. For instance, doing weight loss chair exercises throughout the day is a major plus point, with plenty of stretching. Getting up and walking around as regularly as possible, and making sure that you keep your desk drawers stocked with delicious, healthy snacks, rather than chocolate bars and sugary energy drinks.

Employers should also think about offering wellbeing perks to staff, e.g. reduced membership to gyms, smoking cessation workshops, and more general health awareness. This boosts morale on top of everything else, but gives you a healthier workforce overall.

Of course, making sure your staff have somewhere comfortable and supportive to sit throughout the day is vital. Check out ‘office furniture near me’ choices if you’re thinking about having a New Year revamp in particular.

Do you have any other suggestions for staying healthy and losing weight in an office environment? Let us know via our Facebook page!

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