Is it Really Possible to Travel The World And Make a Living?

Published on 12/03/2019

Travel the world

Read that title again. It sounds like a dream scenario, doesn’t it? Travelling the world, seeing all the sights, enjoying the culture and meeting new people, all whilst making a living. 

Surely something that good just isn’t possible?

It is entirely possible, provided you do your research, update your skills on a regular basis, and live within your means. 

According to statistics by the HSO, by 2020 it is estimated that half of the UK workforce will be working remotely. That’s a lot of people changing the way they work and seeing the world in the process!

Due to that rather high statistic, businesses also need to act in order to retain their best employees and attract new talent. A way to do that is to offer remote working opportunities, both for existing staff and as a way to recruit new employees, either on a freelance basis or a fully employed basis. Here at Calibre Office Furniture, we’re huge advocates of introducing new working methods, including remote working opportunities and utilising the skills of quality freelancers. 

A few ways a business can offer these remote working opportunities is by allowing staff to work part of the time in the office and part of the time elsewhere, or to hire freelancers or digital nomads, who are able to travel and work at the same time. The only necessity is that they remain in touch whenever necessary, and that includes having a strong Internet connection during working hours. In the majority of the world, Internet is not a huge problem, so there should be no issues on that score. 

The Perks of Travelling And Working

Travelling the world and working can certainly bring a huge boost of morale to an individual, and therefore increase the amount of work they do, and the quality of that work also. There is obviously no requirement for the business to purchase quality office furniture for that member of staff, because they’re not there! If this person does work part in the office and part of the time away, they can utilise hot desking and office chairs instead, cutting down on costs. 


For an employee the ability to be able to travel and work at the same time really speak for themselves – seeing the world, earning money, no unexplainable gaps on a CV, and experiences you can’t purchase with any amount of cash. For an employer, they’re getting to retain staff they value highly, and they save money at the same time, because they don’t need to purchase office furnishings and light and heat the office to the same extent. 

Of course, remote workers still need to find a suitable place to work and that can be utilising co-working spaces, or simply setting up a home office and working from it when at home and as best you can when away. Co-working spaces usually have all the latest equipment and a comfortable space, and some of the more high-tech options also have options like smart office bench desks, etc.
Having systems and an organised method in place is also the single best option for successful work and travel. Communication is also vital, as well as that aforementioned Internet connection at all times.

When setting up a home office, for the times an employee is at home, there are plentiful office furniture suppliers with items which can easily morph into a home setting, and not look too office-like in the process. 

Put simply, the ability to travel the world and earn money at the same time is something which should be grabbed with both hands if that particular person has aspirations to visit different countries within their lifetime. There is the opportunity to travel constantly, in the case of a digital nomad, or you can dib in and out of the travel lifestyle, by working from home as a freelancer part of the time and then travelling the rest of the time, with your laptop as your main companion. 

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