Let's Discuss - Looking to Save Space with Corner Desks?

Published on 04/12/2018

The single biggest problem with a small office is a total lack of space. If you have more than two people in that office, they’re likely to be falling over each other much of the time, and this does nothing for health and safety, or productivity.

Most of this actually comes down to the type of office furniture you decide to use in a small office. Large desks obviously take up more space, but how about the actual shape? A great way to save a little space and to have more room in the middle for walking around is to think about using corner desks instead. These, as the name suggests, fit snugly into a corner and actually look great too.

Check out this video for a few ideas on how to incorporate corner desks into your office

Of course, there are other ways to give your small office a space overhaul, such as cutting down on any clutter, using reflective surfaces, such as glass for the illusion of more space, and by trying your best (wherever possible) to be paperless.

You can’t magic up an extra two meters of office space, but you can be clever in using what you already have. There are many different ideas you can utilise, so check out office furniture in London options for some inspiration on this theme.

Can you think of any other ways to create space in a small office? Head to our Twitter page and let us know!

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