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Published on 28/10/2016

Image is everything, and this is even more important to remember in the corporate arena. You need to show potential customers you’re the type of company they want to do business with whilst keeping current clients loyal, and it’s all about reflecting your core values to make the right impression whilst instilling a sense of familiarity and professionalism in your prospects. The right office décor (and everything that goes along with it) can go a long way to achieving that, and if you can spend time to create the right kind of atmosphere you’re halfway there. 

Set the scene

Setting the scene is vital. You want a place of work that feels comfortable, bright, productive and inviting, ensuring a client feels welcome (and ideally impressed) every time they walk in. The colour scheme can make all the difference—it’s usually best to steer clear of anything too garish (unless your type of company calls for something a bit more adventurous) with soft, muted shades creating a sense of style and professionalism. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a few colours here and there—a flash of colour can add something extra to any office space and can really brighten things up, and as long as you keep it sleek and professional you’ll easily be able to instil the right kind of feeling in clients and employees alike. 

Furniture that performs

The furniture you fill your office with can make a huge amount of difference too. You’re not going to make the right impression if you’ve got old, drab furniture that doesn’t look good or meet its functional requirements, and that’s why you need to make sure you’ve got furniture that performs. Executive office furniture needs to be top-quality whilst offering the level of comfort and functionality necessary with the materials used and quality construction making all the difference, but every other part of the business needs to have stylish, modern office furniture that meets expectations too. The reception area needs to be just as high-end as the conference rooms to ensure you’re able to make the right impression from the moment a client steps through the door, with sleek style and contemporary design being the order of the day. 

Show you mean business

It’s all about showing clients you mean business, and how you choose to style your office can make all the difference. By choosing contemporary office furniture (paying close attention to things like layout as well) and an effective colour scheme throughout the business you’ll be able to instil a sense of professionalism and quality from the moment anyone walks in, and it’s that kind of image that can compel people to do business with you. It’s often these subtler, subconscious cues that can have a bigger influence on client perception than more overt displays of business prowess, so make sure to spend time on your office décor and you could reflect your company values to make the right impression and, ultimately, the profits you want.

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