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Published on 28/10/2016

Office layouts are always a hot topic of conversation in the design world, but one leading trendsetter has recently made some bold claims about where the future of modern office furniture lies. Joanna Feeley is the founder of the famous Trend Bible and she says that cardboard office furniture will be one of the key design features of modern offices over the next three years. Trend Bible operates by tracking and monitoring trends in a wide range of industries, and regularly holds summits where thought leaders, scientists, colourists and anthropologists meet to map out future scenarios.

The latest issue of the Trend Bible is anticipating a return to products which celebrate the imperfections of natural materials. Feeley says:  “There is going to be a return to tactile and sensory products that make it real and an elevation of character in surfaces. There is a sense of ‘this is not the internet, feel free to curl up and settle in’. Playful products will also be important – adults moving towards things that are fun, uplifting, expressive and stimulating. Papercraft will be at the cutting edge. Office furniture made from paper and cardboard is fantastic.”

There have been many colourful claims about how the offices of the future will look over the years, but in our experience one thing has always stayed the same. Business leaders want office furniture UK which looks good, is fully functional, and built to last. One of the most important trends of recent years has been the desire to make the most of the space which is available on a company’s premises. No matter whether you have a tiny two-man office or a huge multi level building, planning how to layout your business space properly is incredibly important.

That is why you may want to call in the help of the professionals. We are experts when it comes to helping businesses design the layout of their offices. If you have a very small space we will need a few basic details such as a rough sketch showing the overall dimensions of the room and where you would roughly like furniture to be placed. From this information we can create a computerized 2D image which will suggest a few different ways of how to use the space most efficiently. We can even produce 3D images of the finished designs for you.

We are experienced in carrying out such services for businesses large and small. If you are a big company simply send us a brief and we will consult with you to work out exactly what your requirements are. One thing is for certain, you can be guaranteed of getting the highest quality office furniture at affordable prices when you use our services. 

Nobody can say for certain what the design trends of 2013 will turn out to be. Whilst we have yet to see any indication of businesses using cardboard furniture to kit out their offices, stranger things have happened. However, we will always provide excellent furniture.

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