Office Furniture That Encourages Workplace Collaboration

Published on 03/04/2017

Breakout area - Yellow Booths

For businesses to run effectively, colleagues must know how to work autonomously as well as in a team. Workplace collaboration has become a highly common concept for most organisations and your office design and the type of office furniture you use can assist towards creating a more collaborative office environment. Below are a few handy ideas on how workplace collaboration can be achieved in any type of corporate office.

Collaborative idea 1: make some space for a breakout area

Several firms are beginning to incorporate trendy breakout areas to their office design as one of the key ways of keeping up with the modern times. Breakout areas are not only remarkable for helping employees unwind during stressful periods but they are also a superb place for group brainstorms to take place in a more informal way.

Collaborative idea 2: include a canteen area for staff members

Nowadays, a greater pool of employees try their best to move away from their office desks to a more collaborative and sociable office setting like a canteen or café area for their lunch hour. A canteen area not only gives you a break from your usual office space but it also enables staff members to spend time with one another and strengthen their work relation in a more social context. All businesses should consider investing in one of these if they haven’t done so already.

Collaborative idea 3: add various meeting rooms to your office design

Apart from moving towards a more open plan office trend filled with ergonomic modern office chairs, numerous organisations are also becoming keener on including various meeting rooms to their office space. This is because boardroom meetings not only give staff members a chance to thoroughly discuss new ideas in a more structured way but it also enables them to assess the effectiveness of current initiatives that already exist in the workplace.

Final points:

Team collaboration in an organisation can be achieved in a number of ways, as has been demonstrated throughout. Typical office based collaborative techniques include including a trendy canteen as well as a breakout area at your organisation.

Does your office design include collaborative elements to it? If not, why contact our space planning specialists to obtain further advice on this?

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