Only Recruit When Necessary For The Best Results

Published on 30/06/2022

Many businesses think that constant recruitment is a good way to find the best talent. 

There may be some sense in that way of thinking but it’s also important to know that people will see your regular advertisements and wonder why all your employees keep leaving! Do you think that is going to make the best talent want to join your business? Probably not. 

We can’t get around the fact that recruitment takes a lot of planning and time. It’s also costly in terms of cash, and there is the possibility that the person you choose won’t turn out to be the right fit. That means you’ll need to go through the whole recruitment process again. 

It’s vital to take your time and make sure that the person you choose is the right one for the job. Regular recruitment simply looks like you didn’t take your time and you’re rushing the whole process. It may be difficult and time consuming, but it’s a worthwhile process in the end if you get the ideal person who is going to fit into your team and help out with collaborative efforts too. 

There are only a handful of situations when recruitment is really necessary: 

  • When an employee leaves and the role needs to be filled 
  • When the business grows to the point where there is too much work for your existing team
  • When a new role has been invented and it’s not possible to fairly share the work across your existing team 

These are the only situations when you should invest the time and money into a recruitment drive. But, if you’re always recruiting you need to turn your attention inwards and start to question why. 

Are you leaking employees because there is a major morale problem? In that case, it’s not recruitment you need but an entire overhaul of culture and morale within the space. What other reasons could there be for your constant need for new employees?

Rather than always looking for new people, start to value the ones you have and look towards retention of staff instead. That will bring you much more value and help you to build a team that will stay together and work as one for the years to come. 

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