The Fundamentals of Creating a Welcoming Reception Area

Published on 21/02/2017


One of the first points of attraction when you enter an office has to be the reception area for most businesses. For this reason, it becomes important to get your reception area perfect for everyone who comes to visit you. Below are a number of key to-do’s that will allow you to make the reception area more welcoming for your guests.

To-do 1: choose your reception staff wisely

As outlined above, when you initially walk into an office, it’s likely for the reception area to catch your attention first. This makes it vital for your reception to be up to scratch not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of staffing.

In regards to organising your reception staff, you will need to ensure that you have employed skilful workers who are also superb at greeting anyone who visits your organisation. After all, filling your reception space with friendly faces will inevitably make it a more welcoming and pleasant place to be for your visitors.

To-do 2: beautify your reception area

Let’s face it, the way a reception area looks is really important for any type of business. There’s no point having friendly staff without also having an attractive reception area for them to work in.  It’s usually a sensible idea to seek the professional opinion of office furniture specialists, if you’re unsure on what type of reception furniture to go for.

Most business owners would agree that a brand new reception desk, a range of upgraded reception chairs or an entire reception seating makeover in general works wonders for them.

To-do 3: Keep your visitors engaged:

It’s crucial for you to think outside the box and find the best ways to keep your visitors occupied when they are waiting in the reception area. You can achieve this by installing a flat screen TV, which plays live news in the background or displays a recurring informational slideshow of your business.

It would also be beneficial for you to have an open Wi-Fi network available for your visitors so your guests can have the option to access their handheld devices or laptops whenever they wish to.


It’s fair to say that the reception area is one of the most important features for several companies. This therefore makes it essential to ensure that your business gets the fundamentals of their reception space right if they want to be perceived positively by all their visitors. These fundamentals are often linked with employing approachable staff members, having eye-catching reception office furniture and making your reception an engaging and enjoyable place to be.

First impressions are often lasting impressions, so how will you improve your reception area today?

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