The Pro's And Con's of Modular Furniture

Published on 10/06/2019

Modular boardroom tables


Have you heard of modular office furniture? If not, it’s time to learn, because this could be an office furniture solution that could solve many of your space and cost problems.

This type of furnishing is basically multifunctional office furniture, but the beauty is that it allows your business and space to grow, whilst continuing to fulfil your needs. For instance, you could purchase a modular office desk, and in the future you might find that you need to add some storage to it. No problem! You simply purchase modular office cabinets which can be attached to the desk, and detached when not required. 

But, what are the pro's and con's?


•    Easy to move around
•    Easy to store
•    Easy to detach and reassemble
•    Cost effective
•    Flexible


•    May not fit in with the rest of your office decor
•    The fact they can be taken apart means they may not be as sturdy as regular desks/furniture options 

There is no office on this planet which stays the same for very long. Trends take over, staff leave and extra staff are employed, technology changes, and all of this needs to be accommodated somewhere within the office. The plus point of modular options is that they can be moved very easily, taken apart and put back together again, and stored away when not in use. 

Put simply, modular furniture is your flexible friend, and one which every office should be thinking about using.

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