Think scale and style when choosing media walls

Published on 01/11/2016

Your boardroom may be the epicentre of your entire business. Many major decisions and deals may be made with its four walls, helping to determine the future of your company. It’s therefore crucial that the area looks the part.

In the past, creating the perfect boardroom was a case of selecting a suitable table and chairs, and possibly introducing some accessories like a flipchart and some artwork. Now, things are different. If you really want to make the right impression on third parties, it may be vital that you have a range of hi-tech gear within the room.

Media walls

For example, you might need video conferencing systems, large screens, speakers and so on. One great way to house these solutions is to fit a media wall into your boardroom. These floor-to-ceiling office furniture setups are ideal as a means of containing audio visual equipment and they can be customised to fit your space exactly.

One of the great things about these walls is the fact that they enable you to fully utilise the entire height of your boardroom, helping to ensure that you keep the space as clutter-free as possible.

A superb focal point

As well as being highly practical, media walls are also a superb focal point for meetings. Here at Calibre we specialise in providing functional and stylish contemporary office furniture and should have the perfect products for you.

Whether you are video conferencing people, giving presentations on screen or anything else, you can be sure that your media wall will look the part. These setups are much more impressive than stand-alone screens and speakers and they have a professional look and feel.

Size matters

When it comes to choosing your media wall, size matters. For example, there’s no point in opting for versions with huge screens if you have a small boardroom. After all, people in your boardroom need to be able to focus on the images in front of them and if they are sitting very close to a massive screen, they might struggle. On the flipside, small screens can be dwarfed in large boardrooms.

When you’re planning your media wall, it’s important to get this balance right. You want the screens within them to be big enough, but not too big.

Looking good

Then of course there is style to consider. The way your media wall looks can really make a difference to how people perceive your organisation. Thankfully, it’s now easy to access stylish and attractive walls that exude class and professionalism. By taking a look around our website, you should be able to find something that ticks all of your boxes. We’re experts when it comes to executive office furniture.

A great investment

OK, so to get your hands on products like this, you’ll have to spend a little money. However, this should prove to be a great investment and it will help ensure your company doesn’t get left behind in an increasingly digital world.

To see all of our products, just take a look around the rest of our website.

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