Tips for creating an inviting reception area

Published on 01/11/2016

The old adage that "a first impression is a lasting one" is never truer than for modern businesses. 

It is essential that prospective clients, employees and shareholders are given an accurate and positive representation of your company when they first enter your office building. Whilst the welcoming attitude of your receptionist and employees will play an integral role in creating a pleasant environment for newcomers, it is equally important to ensure that your reception area’s furniture and decor is not mismatched, disorganised, or appears uncared for.

Creating a good, long-lasting first impression for visitors is easy when attention is paid to the layout of your office’s reception area and the choice of furniture, so below are some tips to ensure that the furniture in your company’s reception area is maximised to its full potential:

•    Decide on a set colour scheme
Before you start purchasing office furniture, it is essential to decide on a colour scheme you will maintain throughout the reception area, and to not deviate from this. If colours are not taken into consideration beforehand, the entire room can appear muddled and messy, which will create an unsettling atmosphere for visitors. Instead, select colours based on your company’s logo or branding and maintain this throughout the room for a uniform and harmonised look.

•    Incorporate your brand’s personality
To avoid the reception area appearing purely impersonal, it is ideal to add some personal touches that are unique to your business. The simple addition of awards, certificates and employee photographs on the walls will instantly give your reception area character, as will everything from your choice of magazines displayed on the coffee table, to the incorporation of potted plants and artwork.

•    Give apt consideration to your main reception desk
The reception desk will most likely be the focal point of your reception area, as it will be the largest component of the room. These desks are available in a host of wooden, chrome and glass designs, incorporating varying degrees of storage and workspace; so your choice will largely depend on your overall decor and your particular receptionist’s daily duties.

•    Choose suitable reception office furniture
Your choice of guest sofas, chairs, coffee tables and any necessary storage solutions is dependent on the image you wish to portray of your brand. For a professional and sleek look, opting for simple, black leather chair designs, and coffee tables made from materials such as glass will create the ideal atmosphere; whilst choosing brightly-coloured backless chairs and coffee tables will make your business appear much more creative and quirky.
Choose Calibre Furniture

At Calibre Furniture, we specialise in offering companies based up and down the UK both classic and contemporary office furniture designs, extending from bespoke reception desks and eye-popping chair designs, to sleek coffee tables and vibrant, colourful sofas.

We realise that the incorporation of well-designed executive office furniture can speak volumes about your company, and our range of products can help to ensure that your first impression is cemented as a positive and welcoming one in the minds of your guests.

Take a look around our website to view our full range of office furniture and accessories. Please don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you have any questions about our products.

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