Tips on How to Make your Office Fun This Easter

Published on 24/03/2017



It’s become quite common for workplaces to celebrate popular public holidays such as Easter and Christmas in the office. After all, it’s a great excuse to add some fun to our routinely lives and to reward ourselves for all of our hard work. Majority of workers nowadays possess the work hard, play hard attitude, which as a result increases the chances for fun activities at work to take place. Below are a number of key tips to allow you to make your organisation a more pleasant place to be this Easter.

Tip 1: Easter party

Similarly to how throwing Christmas parties have become the norm, Easter office parties shouldn’t be any different! This can be the perfect opportunity for a group of workers to show off their superb organisation skills and plan the Easter office party from start to finish. A great idea would be to hold a Easter party in the reception area, where no desk chairs or office tables are present  and coming in the way of your staff members.

Tip 2: Easter office competitions

In addition to the Easter office party, why not also add a couple of office competitions to the mix? Competitions revolving around the best office Easter outfit or the most festive office desk will surely be favoured by your workforce. It will also allow your office space and office desks to look vibrant and full of colour, which is one of the key benefits of setting up these type of seasonal contests.

Tip 3: Get in the Easter spirit and decorate

If you don’t wish to go down the competitions route then you can keep it simple by just decorating some of the office furniture in perhaps your office breakout area with some attractive and eye-catching Easter accessories. 


Holidays such as Easter and Christmas are normally a great excuse for colleagues to socialise with one another and make your organisation an enjoyable place to be. As you know, Easter is coming up and there is still plenty of time to organise any of the above suggestions for your staff members this year.

How will you make your office fun this Easter?  

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