Top Tips on Flexible Working

Published on 04/05/2017

In the modern working world, flexible type of working is often encouraged by a wide range of employers in order to retain staff morale levels. Let’s face it, we’re not robots and it’s not realistic for office workers to be glued to their office desks the entire day. Therefore, flexible working has become a common trend for thousands of businesses.

Below are a few top tips on how flexible working can be achieved successfully at any sized business.

Top tip 1: Make use of hot-desking in your breakout rooms:

In order to remain productive and continue creating top quality work it is advisable for staff members to start getting in the habit of hot-desking at work. This would entail workers finding a relaxing & quiet place in the office with comfortable office furniture and cracking on with their work. Breakout rooms are often a great place for employees to carry out some of your daily work tasks in comparison to a more formal boardroom setting. They also help a great deal with fostering creativity. 


Top tip 2: Make the use of working from home:

Many workers have also become increasingly drawn towards working from home every now and then. This is extremely handy for those who usually have lengthy commutes, have personal commitments to attend to sometimes or when unexpected public transport strikes take place. To stay focused and motivated when working from home, it is advisable for workers to have a top-notch home office.

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Top tip 3: Make use of flexi-time:

You will find that a wide range of employers are now also allowing their workforce to work flexi-time. This is essentially a system of working a fixed number of hours with the starting and finishing times chosen within agreed limits by the employee. This type of flexibility will ensure that your workers are not stuck to their office desks all day long, which wouldn’t be a healthy way of working for any office worker.

To summarise:

Flexibility in a workplace can be achieved in a number of ways as has been highlighted throughout. As an employer the more flexible ways of working you practice at your organisation such as flexi-time and hot-desking, the better if you want to get the most amount of output from your employees. This will also help create a more positive work environment, which will also mean a happier workforce.

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