What an Agile Work Environment Looks Like

Published on 23/05/2018

We hear so many buzzwords when it comes to office design, that it can be hard to pinpoint down what each one actually means! Co-working spaces, shared office spaces, modular design, what does this all mean? It seems that every few weeks we get a new one to contend with!

Another buzzword on the block is the agile work environment.

Let’s talk about it a little more and try and give you a true definition.

An agile workspace has to tick a few boxes to really meet the brief. It has to be:

  • Creative and modern
  • It has to be efficient in terms of space
  • It has to achieve productivity
  • It should be vibrant

Check out this infographic for a more visual take on

Infographic explaining the elements of an agile workplace

Source: www.spectrumworkplace.co.uk/agile-working-the-5-essential-elements-infographic

It is probably still as clear as mud, so let’s narrow it down a little more.

When it comes to office space planning an agile work environment doesn’t have to be open plan, it is about a blend of the cubicle style privacy, and the vibrant, collaborative nature of an open plan office. We’re talking about zones within an office, which are set for dedicated uses. For instance, you could have a section for collaboration, another for quiet working, another for breaks. Basically, it’s about giving your employees the spaces they need to go about their work, not only in the actual doing side of things, but also in their off time too.

How do you design this? It is about making use of space, so placing your desks where they offer free mobility around the office, without everyone being crammed in. It is about positioning people near to windows and natural light; it is about making the most of office interior design in terms of the basics.

Agile working

How can you section up your room? With careful planning, that’s how. By doing this, you’re creating what is known as that agile work environment. Agile in this case means flexible.

Check out office furniture stores like Calibre for the most modern and vibrant choices, such as ergonomic chairs and useful desk partitions. By utilising the main facets of an agile work environment, you can create the best space for your employees in which to blossom. Productivity comes from having what you need in order to get the job done, and that means quiet spaces, collaborative spaces, downtime spaces, and all the equipment and comfort that is required on a daily basis. 


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