What Benefits Does Collaboration Bring?

Published on 23/02/2021


We hear a lot about collaboration and why it’s something we need to be doing more of. What we don’t hear a lot about is why. 

What exactly does team collaboration do for a business? Why is it a good thing? What does it do for the employee? Are there any downsides?

These are things we hear very little about!

Of course, collaboration is when several people work together. This can either be on the project itself, or simply discussing it and putting ideas forward for someone else to complete. The general theme is that there is a group of people discussing, swapping ideas, and generally brainstorming together. 

So, what are the benefits? What does this teamwork focus actually do for a business and its employees? 

  • Collaboration may reduce stress – When you’re working with other people, it’s as though the whole thing is a shared problem. That can reduce stress and help employees to feel more focused and calmer in the office environment. Of course, that also relies upon colleagues working together fairly and not pushing all of the work onto one or two people. There are some rules of collaboration too. 
  • Collaboration increases morale – Whilst there will always be some people who prefer to work alone, most people prefer to work with others. It’s a more fun approach, it helps to share problems, and it means that everyone is working together towards a common goal. Sometimes collaboration is a little loud and animated, but that’s half the fun too!

  • Collaboration creates team spirit – Working together means that people feel like a part of something and that helps to bond the team together. Then, when a problem occurs, the team shares it and when good things happen, the team shares the successes too. 
  • Collaboration increases creative thinking – Two heads are certainly better than one, but what about three, four or even more heads? Think of all those creative ideas and solutions appearing around the modern boardroom tables!
  • Collaboration may increase the product for the customer – When everyone is working happily together, the final product the customer receives will always be better. This increases the reputation of the business and boosts profits. 

Check out this video which gives some useful insights into increasing quality collaboration within your office space. 

Focusing upon bringing more collaboration into your office is a good idea. It brings all of the benefits shown above and helps everyone to feel more upbeat and positive during their working days. 

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