Which Type of Office Flooring is The Safest And Healthiest?

Published on 31/12/2020


When designing or redesigning an office, there are many aspects to bear in mind. It’s not all about how it looks or how it performs, but more importantly, it’s about how safe and healthy it is. 

You have a responsibility as an employer in general workplace health and safety and whilst employees have their own responsibilities, it falls on your shoulders to ensure that you provide your staff with a safe, comfortable and healthy place to work. There are many elements within that subject, but flooring is one which is often overlooked, yet extremely important. 

You need to choose a type of flooring that is not only attractive and looks the part, but which is also healthy and very safe for employees who are in the contemporary office on a daily basis, as well as visitors. There are more flooring options than you might even realise, with carpet, laminate, or wood effect flooring the most common routes. Which should you go for?

Check out this infographic which gives some information on your flooring options for a space which has quite a lot of walking traffic every day. 

Source - https://www.strategiesonline.net/infographic-considerations-high-traffic-flooring-solutions/

The type of flooring you choose depends upon the size of the office, how busy it is, and your budget. Remember that carpeting can be quite cheap or expensive, depending upon where you purchase it from and the size you need. However, carpeting can hold allergens within it, which could therefore contribute to allergies within your office space. Carpets can become quite dirty, very easily too and will require regularly vacuuming and deep cleaning. 

Laminate flooring is probably the most budget-worthy option, and comes in a variety of different colours and patterns. Wood effect flooring can be faux-laminate or it can be wood itself. Laminate flooring needs to be cleaned and buffed regularly and in areas where people are walking regularly, it can wear down. Of course, any spillages need to be cleaned up immediately, with a ‘wet floor’ sign being placed down to avoid anyone falling or slipping. 

It goes without saying that your flooring also needs to match your décor. If you want to go down the biophilic office design rout, which is very calming and stress-busting for employees, how about a neutral colour scheme, or the wood effect that has true Mother Nature vibes?

A healthy and safe flooring choice is laid properly, isn’t fraying up at the edges, is kept clean very regularly, doesn’t harbour allergens, and doesn’t overheat the office or make it feel too cold. Most offices certainly go for the laminate choice, but it’s worth remembering that all offices are different. Personalise your choice according to your needs, but always bear health and safety in mind. 

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