Harrow Chairs

Harrow modular chairs are the ideal choice for informal, comfortable and stylish breakout seating, whilst also being completely customisable to suit your needs. Harrow seating strikes the perfect balance, being relaxed enough for staff breakout rooms but also smart and professional enough to be on display in reception and informal meeting spaces.

When you choose Harrow modular seating, the design and layout is completely up to you. This clever system is completely modular, meaning it can be configured to your exact requirements. Simply create a line drawing of the seating layout you’d like, and a bespoke, perfectly fitting option can be created just for your space. A unique feature of this kind of office breakout furniture is the beautiful curves it can create. Not only can it fit neatly into tricky angles and corners, but Harrow seating can also create aesthetically pleasing, statement-making shapes within a space.


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