Avocados For Brain Productivity?

Published on 31/03/2021

What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you reach for cereal, a greasy fry up, or are you a toast person?

Breakfast is widely known as the most important meal of the day and giving yourself the very best start to a day in the office is vital. Going for a high fat or sugary breakfast is only going to leave you feeling sluggish and lead to a mid-morning slump. What does that do for your concentration and focus? Nothing at all. 

One particular fruit which may give you plenty of productivity points however is avocado. 

Why Avocado?

This super-fruit is packed with a huge number of extremely beneficial vitamins and minerals whilst also being very low in calories. In addition, avocados have healthy fats, fibre, magnesium, potassium, and a huge number of other elements that you need in your diet for overall health and wellbeing.  

The good news in terms of productivity is that by eating avocados, you could actually be giving your brain a major boost too. They’re filling but they’re also slow-release which means you’re not going to be distracted by hunger pangs mid-morning or mid-afternoon. That will certainly help your focus and concentration. The other thing is that avocados are known to help give you a better blood flow to not only the heart for overall health, but also to the brain. 

Put simply, your brain is being fed with everything it needs for optimum focus and the slow-release element means that it’s getting this nutrition over a period of time. 

Is it time that you started enjoying avocados in your diet? It looks that way!

When you read into the health benefits of avocado, you’ll quickly see why they’ve become so famous over the last decade or so. They help protect against all kinds of serious health concerns, but in terms of brain function and productivity, they’re a super-fruit which office workers can really benefit from. 

Enjoy avocado on toast as part of your breakfast, perhaps paired with boiled eggs for extra health benefits, as part of a salad at lunch, or even enjoy a delicious and creamy avocado smoothie. There are countless ways you can use this power fruit to your benefit and once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand that it’s pretty delicious at the same time.

Healthy eating can really make a huge difference to overall health but it also has a major say in how well you can concentrate and focus on whatever you need to do whilst sitting at your office desk. 

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