Clever Space Planning Creates a Better Office Experience

Published on 30/04/2022

When designing an office, you might be totally preoccupied with how it looks. You’re focused on creating a pleasant decor and you want to impress everyone who enters the space. 

That’s a sensible way to go about it, but you also need to think about office furniture placement too. 

If you try to cram too many office desks into your office, you’re not only going to create a rather haphazard and crowded space but it’s also going to be a potential health and safety hazard too. Every employer needs to take health and safety extremely seriously. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for the health and safety of your employees and visitors so making sure that they’re not going to trip, fall, or bang into office desk and chairs, storage, etc, is vital. 

It’s easy to think that you need to fit everything in somehow, but the truth is that you simply need to think outside of the box. Clever space planning can actually help you to create more room in your office; that’s especially useful if your office is small to begin with. 

Think about how many office desks and chairs you really need. Are some of your employees going to be working remotely? Are you going down a hybrid working route? That means you don’t need a desks and chairs for every single employee because it’s highly unlikely that everyone will be in there at the same time. 

You should also think about centralising your office printers and storage solutions. Use the wall space and work upwards in terms of storage, using shelves, etc. And, if possible, store your printer in another room. Going paperless would be another major plus point here!

By sitting down and being clever with space management, you’ll not only magically create space where you didn’t think you had it, but you’ll also make the office much more pleasant to work in. When people are crowded and they feel like they’re sitting too close to their colleagues, it’s not a positive experience. However, when people have personal space and they’re able to move around freely, the entire experience is transformed. 

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